I added this resource page for the following reasons:

1.  We know that Satan's main tool in the endtimes is deception.  This deception is not just for unbelievers.  He will attempt to deceive the body of Christ.  Therefore, we must be discerning and use great wisdom when it comes to seeking counsel or spiritual help.

In the last 2 years I have seen an increase in those who refer to themselves as Prophet or Prophetess.  I don't know if this is a true gifting from God or they are self proclaimed.  I know I have listened to some that are not Biblically sound in their teaching.

2.  I have received a handfull of calls or emails from Christian men struggling with a sexual sin (pornography, homosexuality, etc).  As a woman, it is my policy to not counsel men in these issues unless it is a married man coming with his wife for counsel.


I want to provide you trusted counsel and teaching.  These are men and woman of God that are sound in their teaching and /or counsel , and people that I would not hesitate to reach out to if I needed help or answers.


1.  Cameron Howell- He and his wife assist those in need of deliverance from a stronghold in their life .  I encourage you to listen to his testimony and consider reaching out to him if you are in need of deliverance.  They have helped many find their freedom in Christ.


2.  If you are looking for sound biblical teaching and practical application of the Word of God,  I would encourage you to listen to the teachings of Pastors Nathan and Joie Miller.  They pastor a thriving church in Pennsylvania.  They broadcast their services and Joie has special meetings monthly (chick church) where women can come to be helped, prayed for and learn from Joie.  She is a vibrant and powerful woman of God who has a desire for women to grow in their walk with God and be all that God purposed them to be.  They also have podcasts which are wonderful.

"The Joie Miller Podcast"- can be found on all podcast platforms

Champion Christian Center - They pastor this church